Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hey Guys! Back Again! We Have Been Nominated!

Most Likely than not...I am not coming back to this blog (most of you guys don't remember me..but I use to be a frequent webmaster here) least for a long time! I am co-webbing at another blog Ive been with for about maybe two years now, and my own site High School Musical 2 Mania, which is moving on to bigger and better things! See for yourself here!

But that's not what I came for. Originally, I was going to come back and re-vamp this site: new layout, new music, new everything! But, Ive been busier than ever and Roxy seemed to have changed the layout already...but that's a good thing! You know why? Because Music and Media has been nominated as having one of the best banners on the Teen Blog Awards! You can view the other nominees (including myself) on TBA! Congratulations!


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